Hidden Night2

Official Village Symbol

Yorugakure (夜) (Village hidden in the Night)

Village Symbol: Coming Soon

Location: Land of Fear

Kuraikage: N/A

Ninja Ranks: Yokage, ANBU, Jonin, Chunin, Genin, Student

Ninja gear: The Vests for Chunin/Jonin are deep gray, and match the leaf's Anbu vest, however there is one shoulder pad on the left or right arm, depending on the ninja rank. (Right = Chunin, Left = Jonin) The Anbu wear Animal Masks, that are more detailed than the leaf's, some are carved from wood, others are made from metals, some ANBU make their own masks with raw materials to their liking. Traditions: The only time's of celibration for Yorugakure are the New Years, and the Gestival of Carnage.

Holidays celebrated: New years, Festival of Carnige

Customs: The govornment is generally neutral about it's people, equality is dependent on the people, not the laws. Fighting, killing, depenging on the reasons this usually goes unpunished, though the village is not as bad as it sounds.

Allied Villages: Hahengakure (Village hidden in the Shards- 破片)

Enemy Villages: All other villages are deemed Enemies.

Clans: Kūhaku (空白), Funohan (負の反), Kurozaki Clan (黒ザキ), Matsutake (松茸)

Partial HistoryEdit

Yorugakure was founded 50 years before the 9 tails attacked the Hidden Leaf. Yorugakure was founded by Arata Funohan. The original village Kage was called the Shadokage, but the Kage named changed to Kuraikage (暗い影) witch translates to Dark Shadow.