Saka Clan
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Kekkei Genkai


Known Members

Marie Shizukesa

The Shizukesa Clan was one of the Upper clans of [[2]].

Background Edit

The Shizukesa Clan was once famous for their control over their Chakra Nature, and the ability to immitate Chakra Natures. The Elite of the Shizukesa Clan had a Dojutsu called Shizen. Shizen allows the Shinobi to immitate an Opponent's Chakra Nature and even a Release type/Kekkei Genkai. The Shizen however would drain the Shinobi of a large amount of their Chakra in a short period of time.

The Shizukesa Clan was also known for using puppets. Most of the Elites could only control a single puppet pefectly, but they did perfect the ability to make a Puppet move as if a living being, and addapted their puppets with the ability to transform into the form of a Human or Animal. When building puppets the Shizukesa Clan usually did not use any Poison's, however they ((Like sasori I guess)) could take a persons DNA and add it to a Puppet, giving them all the abilities the DNA's 'owner' had during life, including masteries of skills. ((Swordsman ship, Genjutsu, etc. It didn't give the puppet life, it just made it easier for the master to utilize certain abilities. ))