Matsutake (松茸) Clan | Clan without fear


The Clan Members of the Matsutake Clan are highly intellegant, with IQ's ranging from 120 to 210. This Clan has been a powerful asset to Yorugakure, and it's affiliates. The Matsutake clan use their intellegance to get ahead of an opponent during war, if they are targetted their advanced Taijutsu and Genjutsu makes it easy for them to destroy their attackers.

Kekkei GenkaiEdit

The members of their clan have a Kekkei Genkai called Shōrai, that allows them to predict the movements of their opponents by looking into the eyes of one. The Shōrai also enable chakra absorption through their skin, however absorbing chakra from a ninja with a different Chakra Nature, can kill them, and will burn their skin, depending on how much Chakra is absorbed.


Only 2 members of the Matsutake Clan have ever managed to use Senjutsu. The creator of this Senjutsu claims to have met a Divine Being that bestowed this power upon him. This Ninja (Arashi Matsutake), taught the Senjutsu to Sanzo Matsutake. The Senjutsu was nicknamed "5 Element Mode" because it gives the user the ability to use all 5 Chakra Natures ((of course not to Hiruko's insane level)). The True name of the Senjutsu is Masutāwaibān, the user's eyes go solid white until 2 slits appear in the center, and the users skin cracks until it looks like Wyvern skin.

Known MembersEdit

Arashi Matsutake

Sanzo Matsutake

Itake Matsutake