Land of Tides

Land of Tides

The Land of Tides


The Land of Tides is found in between the Land of Waves and the Land of Streams. The Land of Tides has 3 Shinobi Villages and many small Villages. The Land of Tides was found 300 Years before Part I, and was fully inhabited 150 Years before Part I. The Land of TIdes has many battle scars from the Third Shinobi World War, even though the villages within had nothing to do with it.


hahengakure, Himeigakure (Village hidden in the Scream), Hikarigakure (Village hidden in the Light)


Hahengakure ClansEdit

Genji Clan, Uinzu Clan (風), Hono Clan (炎), Uddo Clan (ウッド), Uranaishi clan (占い師)

Himeigakure ClansEdit

Nakamura Clan, Horā Clan,

Hikarigakure ClansEdit

Kanakiri Clan, Kurozaki Clan, Fukasa Clan