Appears in

Road to Peace (Fan-Fic), Aki Ni Saku



April 11

Founder Kagemaru Uchiha

Tatsuo Uchiha, Jet Uzumaki, Kazuki Shiante


Rouge Group / S-Rank


Uzumaki Rouges


Black Death Division (Assault)

White Revival Division (Medical)

Pepper Squad (Recon)

Salt Squad (Assassination)


Ninja Rank



Stat Total 21.5

Former Members/Founders

  • Jet Uzumaki (Deceased)</li>
  • Kazuki Shiante</li>
  • Haka/GraveEdit

    (墓) literally meaning "Grave"


    Haka is an organization founded by former Dākage (leader of the Village hidden in the Night) Kagemaru Uchiha. Upon Kagemaru's death, haka was handed over to Jet Uzumaki and his son Tatsuo, who declined the offer. Haka's original purpose was to stop the Akatsuki, Kagemaru directly attacked Obito, and nearly exposed his identity, thus causing his death. Now Haka's main goal is to replace the Akatsuki and gain power through fear. This orginization only accepts S-Rank shinobi just like the Akatsuki, eventually Tatsuo decided to join Haka, and took his role as one of it's leaders. At one point in time Haka was dispanded, and it is currently searching for new members under mysterious new leadership.

    History Edit

    During the Initial creation of Haka, it's existence was to find Tobi's true I dentity, and stop the Akatsuki from reaching their goal. When Kagemaru learned Tobi was Obito he was close to revealing it, but Obito managed to over-power him by taking him to his own sub-dimension and imprisoning him there (it is only assumed he was killed within the dimension, no one is sure). Haka's new objectives are for control, and to prove a point to all other shinobi, both good and bad. Before it was disbanded it had began to achieve fame, now it must attempt to do the same again, currently it is searching for any S-Rank shinobi suitable for it's goals. Haka is currently taking on assassination missions. 

    Orginization Members
    Ryu Mizushima
    Tsubaki Kurotsuchi
    Katsuro Kobayashi
    Junichi Jurai
    Takeo Kagome
    Susumu Maruyama
    Sadao Jurai
    Naoki Yamanaka
    Goro Koyanagi
    Hajime Koga
    Taro Matsuzaki 

    Orginization Jutsu ListEdit